Clontarf Traders, LIC

Clontarf Traders is a successful fledgling line made up of free traders that expanded its operations in 1114 when it purchased the freight shipping division of the defunct Hibernia Prospect, LIC. Clontarf Traders operates in the rimward area of the Spinward Marches, connecting the Marches and the Trojan Reach with the Aslan Hierate and various non-allied worlds outside the Imperium. Clontarf Traders’ headquarters on Peridot (Gazulin/ Trojan Reach 2805), maintains a tramp freighter route from their primary coreward base at Glisten (Glisten/ Spinward 2036) to Colony Six (Goertel/ Trojan Reach 1221). Clontarf Traders mostly ply feeder trade routes throughout the worlds of the Gazulin, Tobia and the Borderland subsectors. In 1116 CT won exclusive regional charter contracts from the influential interface line Baraccai Technum, LIC. This arrangement has afforded Clontarf Traders a great deal of success, but has also drawn it into Baraccai Technum’s rivalry with Arkesh Spacers and McClellan Factors.

The normal method of maintaining trade relations with independent worlds is based on the method used by Baraccai Technum, LIC. Clontarf Traders appoint a “Proprietor”, usually a Clontarf Trader company man, but occasionally a native of the planet. Providing a warehouse, living quarters, office and so on for each proprietor, CT also has a large ship repair facility for Clontarf Trader vessels in the Wildeman (Tobia/ Trojan Reach 2819) system.

After the appearant death of her uncle Rogan Clontarf, Miranda Clontarf assumed the position of CEO and owner of Clontarf Traders, LIC.

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Clontarf Traders, LIC

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