Spinward Reach

False Start
Season 1 : Pilot

Glisten (2036), Glisten

Upon returning to the Clontarf Traders (CT) end-route facility in the Glisten system, Doss, Artur and Lyta are informed by Gudrun Mirick, of CT Sophont Relations, that they are being replaced on the Lucky Deal. They will be introduced to their replacements at a reception, held at Fats & Una’s Rockside Saloon. Ms. Mirick alludes to a turn for the better for the crew, but discloses nothing immediately. CT Glisten Proprietor, Mehcad Brooks, introduces the new employees Elliana Ortina, Aell Khuz and Jon Shayler to the CT family. CEO, Rogan Clontarf, arrives and announces that Doss, Artur and Lyta are to be offered ownership shares on the deep trader Red Queen, a ship currently in the CT repair dock. It is later discovered by the crew, that the fifty plus year old ship was won by Rogan Clontarf in a Face-of-Emoch card game.


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