Red Queen

The Red Queen is an ASP A3 Class Deep Trader


ASP A3 Class Deep Trader

The ASP A3 Class Deep Trader was produced in low quantity by the Orl-Khana Glyson Shipyards on Tobia (3215 Trojan Reach) to fill the market need for jump-3 capable free traders along the Island trade routes in the Reft sector. As production began the Goertel Border Conflict entered its fourth year as the Glorious Empire, an Aslan separatist state, attempted of annex the neighboring systems of Delta Theta, Colony Six and Goertel. The Orl-Khana Glyson Shipyards executives decided to retool the ship’s design to fulfill the demand for blockage runners. The design modifications consisted with adding two turret emplacements in the bow and dorsal hard-points, adding an ECM capability and heavy modifications to the gravitic fuel compression system so it could reconfigured into additional thruster plates for added speed if necessary.

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CL 577 Red Queen

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There are little actual facts known about the Red Queen’s original owner Angela Falsted-Holmes, though there are numerous tales of daring attributed to this fearless and cunning smuggler. What can be verified; the Red Queen was ordered in 1063 by Captain Falsted-Holmes from the Orl-Khana Glyson Shipyards in the Tobia system and was paid in full when delivered the following year. The Red Queen functioned as a privateer during the brief Fourth Frontier Wars according to Imperial Navy charters. Captain Falsted-Holmes gave the title of The Red Queen to her nephew of Tyro Falsted upon retiring in 1085 to live with her lover Jaro Dzerba the Marquis of Macene. What became the infamous Captain Falsted-Holmes is unknown; she changed her identity and disappeared with a year of “retiring”.

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In 1089, Rogan Clontarf acquired the Red Queen and her title as a part of his winnings in Face-of-Emoch card game from a group of nefarious individuals, during a lay-over in the Squanine system. Though the ship was in terrible condition Clontarf chose to keep it in mothball till he had adequate funds in which effect repairs. With the success of his company Clontarf Traders, Rogan had the finances to have the ship moved to the Glisten system in 1110, but chose not to begin repairs or upgrades until 1116. Rogan Clontarf offered some of his most promising employees a partnership contract which will allow them to buy the ship from him over time; the Red Queen and her new crew launch in 1118.

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Red Queen

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