Eve a.k.a. Ani Courel a.k.a Tara Meriwether a.k.a Honor Williams

The raven-haired crew member, the lithe and mysterious Eve


After surviving an assassination attempt by a nurse on the planet Peridot, she changed her persona from dark-haired Ani Courcel to blonde Tara Meriwether. With the crew posing as… not themselves, she changes again to red-head Honor Williams.


Ani Courcel (not her real name of course) is on the run, and she’s hoping to figure out why. She was a great student all through school, played sports, and was even runner-up for homecoming queen. Although now she has to admit she never had any real friends, just people she imitated because she thought they were cool…imitated them so well that they thought she was “one of them” and accepted her. And then, one day as she was nearing college graduation, she received a phone call. She answered it…and that’s where her memory stops.

Fast forward about ten years – judging by the date on the news vids and the little wrinkles popping up around her eyes. She next remembers waking up in a hotel room in a nondescript space port, far from home. Was she drugged? Abused? Probably not, judging by the lack of hangover and the sense of peace and relaxation. She feels nothing but a burning curiosity. There is a credstick on the nightstand and she realizes it has a decent balance – not enough to retire on but enough (maybe) to get home. So she makes up the difference with a few odd jobs and spends it all on a one-way ticket back to her home planet.

Home at last – how will she explain her absence? And will they believe her wild tale? Deep in thought, she directs the taxi to pull up in front of her parents’ house and opens the door. One foot on the street and suddenly there are gunshots. As if she’s done this before (maybe she has?) she dives back in the taxi and orders the rattled driver to take off. She knows all the back streets and shortcuts, and soon she’s getting out next to a crowded plaza and advising the driver to remove his license plate.

Now what? That was no random hit. And the realization crashes down on her: someone wants her dead, and any contact with her family would only put them in danger. Before she can go home she must figure out what happened during the last ten years. And she needs to keep moving. She looks up and sees an ad, on a screen across the square, recruiting people to travel the galaxy with Clontarf Traders. This could be exactly what she needs. As soon as she changes her hair style, her phone number, and her name.

Eve a.k.a. Ani Courel a.k.a Tara Meriwether a.k.a Honor Williams

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