Miranda Clontarf

When a simple job offer becomes a seemingly never ending adventure this girl knows how to have fun along away.


Miranda is a remarkably intelligent woman, but never seen much the need to apply her self. Mostly because every challenge she had encountered in her intellectual life bored her. 27 parker posey


Spoiled by doting permissive parents, Margery and Emend Clontarf, she has become somewhat selfish and at times lazy, garnered by strong sense of entitlement. She went through the rigorous medical education program of the University of Rhylanor without breaking a sweat. She breezed through the accelerated honors graduate research program at the University of Regina. Her natural talent for sciences, particularly biological, coupled with her formidable intellect has made the difficulty that others encountered in these fields foreign to her. What she can’t do with intellect she does with good looks and guile. Expect when came against the endless piles of e-paper dossiers of potential suitors her parents had selected for her in the hopes that marriage would give her direction. After one quick look she decided on a direction, she would take her Uncle Rogan’s offer become the Medical Director of Clontarf Traders End Route Facilities in the Colony Six system. Despite the fact she knew little of her estranged uncle who had a habit of sending her socks every Holiday.

Miranda Clontarf

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