Lyta Alexander

A woman of mystery and moods.


Lyta is a woman of mystery and with good reason. Within the Imperium possessing latent psionic abilities is viewed with revulsion and the use of such powers is considered criminal. Coupled with her nefarious talents in computer hacking and smuggling, playing her cards close to her chest has become a matter of survival and freedom. She makes of point of keeping past out any conversation. Despite her personal desire to stay in the background, her wisdom and intellect has made her a critical part of the crew as the Purser and the voice of reason for the Red Queen. In the past she worked strictly on a contract basis for Clontarf Traders, but in 1117 she chose to join the crew of the Lucky Deal on a particularly lucrative endeavor. Her actions there won her a ownership opportunity of the Red Queen.

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Some years prior to joining Clontarf Traders Lyta took a contract with the exploration vessel Homestead Endeavour under the Extra-Imperium Activity (EIA) Division for a Baraccai Technum corporation. The Homestead was going to Tindad (Piah/ Foreven 2237) a remote world that that only scantly surveyed by ISS. Excitement spreads through the ship when the expedition landing party return with artifacts believed to made of monadium, an alloy used by the Ancients, Lyta on the other hand suspected they brought back something extremely dangerous. She went immediately to look at the artifacts herself in the science labs. She picked up one of the items, a small oval spheroid with has bluish-gray skin which became was oddly warm to her touch which had been categorized as inert matter by the expedition scientist. Suddenly an odd tingling sensation sweeps through her entire body and her mind is flooded with a torrent of images, foreign minds and strange voices. Lyta is overwhelmed and loses consciousness. When she wakens to discover that she was not the only one rendered unconscious but the entire crew of the Homestead Endeavour, the all the artifacts are missing and the distinct psychic imprint of other psionics. When Baraccai Technum concludes their investigation of the incident on the Homestead Endeavour it is blamed on the now vanished artifacts. The world of Tindad was placed under interdiction by the Imperial Navy as extensive search for other Ancient artifacts are conducted. Lyta said nothing of the psionic signatures, for to do so would expose her own abilities. She knows a group of psionics where there, possibly even Zhodani. But more frightening Lyta remembered the images and realized that the flashes had not come from the artifact, but from her – it was only the trigger.

While visiting the Bleak system (2902) [Gazulin Subsector] the crew of the Red Queen becomes trapped Deep within the mysterious complex known locally as “the Egg” that belonged to the enigmatic alien culture which flourished over 300,000 years ago (295,611 B.C.) identified only as the ”Ancients”. Lyta chose to ignore the warning that everyone should stay within site of at least one other person in the party. Once alone in a chamber containing inert statues, they spring to life, and she is shot by them with a disintegrator beam. Because of her unique origins Lyta, was able to preserve her mental consciousness as an being of pure thought. After the crew gets access to an Ancient portal that leads to a location they believe is of Lytas origins she is restored physically and has a portion of her lost memories restored by the entity know simply as “Archon”. Unfortunately the intrepid explorers must flee for their lives from the strange world and the Egg before more can discovered about her past. Lyta reflects quitely over the next few days over her restored memories and the new found purpose it reveals.


Lyta Alexander

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