Jasper "Jazz" Rothchild

Former imperial Marine of few words but a lot gun action.


Jasper and Amber were born on a farm on a backwater planet of Fintor (2807) in the Gazulin subsector to Uther and Ingrid Rothchild. When Jasper was 10 and Amber was 6, a couple of men in different types of suits driving a grav car visited the farm over the span of a couple days. Jasper never got a straight answer out of his parents about what happened, but shortly after the strange visit the family excitedly packed up and left, never to return.
Over time, Uther and Ingrid grew more distant from their children and spent more time under the influence of whatever libations the local port had to offer. Now, instead of leaving a system when they were bored, the Rothchilds left when the local law enforcement grew tired of their transgressions. At age 16, disgusted with his parents lack of direction, Jasper enlisted at the Marine recruiting station. He only told Amber what he was doing, and he promised to come back for her when he had the means.

Jasper and Amber traded messages over the years, frequently at first and less as time wore on. It became clear that Amber was becoming more like their parents without Jasper’s influence. Locked into military service, Jasper could only hope that his distant messages would serve as a beacon for Amber to maintain some purpose in life.

After one particularly long stretch of silence, Jasper received a hastily written and untraceable message from Amber saying that their parents had no money and were scraping by doing odd jobs and staying under the radar. A few more messages like this came in from time to time, but there was no way to reply and Jasper assumed that his family would have moved on by the time the reply would have reached them.


Then it came:

“Mother and father are dead. I didn’t have money to bury them so the coroner sent them to the public incinerators. Come visit, I’ll be here a while. Am”

Jasper took bereavement leave and headed out to see Amber. The years growing up on the run had taken its toll on Amber, but they reminisced about their childhood together and Amber filled Jasper in on what had happened since he left. Jasper assumed Amber would be coming back with him, and this turned into a vicious argument about abandonment, values, and freedom. Jasper woke the next morning to find Amber gone. Jasper headed back to base, alone. Jasper would occasionally get a message about how great Amber’s free-wheeling lifestyle was, but there was no way for him to write back.

Fast forward a few years and Jasper gets pulled off the shooting range because there’s some crazy lady shouting his name in the barracks family center. He gets there just in time to see Amber collapse in a frothing mess surrounded by a couple of MPs. Amber’s in a coma, diagnosed with a terminal illness at the Naval hospital.

Two days after Amber arrives, Imperial noble Count Ulrich Godenkinder arrives un-announced and is able to arrange a tour of the facilities. Jasper sees a look of recognition when Count Godenkinder sees Amber in the hospital and later finds out that his unit is being inspected for a possible special deployment. Count Ulrich Godenkinder is there at the inspection and Jasper catches his eye again. Orders come down that the unit is deploying to some far off planet of Vorito (2329) in the Tlaiowaha subsector in the Trojan Reach Sector along the border of Aslan Heirate in a few days.

That night Jasper gets a visit from a shadowy individual representing certain interests. He states that once the deployment is over, arrangements will be made to keep Jasper on-planet for some time afterwards (which is not abnormal). However, Jasper will be performing duties for someone else (unsaid, but the assumption is the Count) until his sister’s debt is paid. Jasper says he’ll think about it and the shadowy individual acts as if there are no other options.


First Jasper tries to bail from the mission to take care of his sister, but a mistaken gesture of solidarity by his squad makes the situation dangerously visible. Jasper then tries to transfer, but that is blocked by Count Godenkinder’s influence. Finally Jasper quits the Marines – the only home he’s known for his adult life. The fallout from this is he’s stripped of rank, loses all accumulated benefits, and is now at the mercy of whatever Count Godenkinder chooses to inflict upon him without the protection of the Imperial Marines. While the count is occupied with cleaning up the mess that Jasper left him, Jasper skips planet with the first ship that will take him (and his now-frozen sister) on, the Red Queen.


Jasper "Jazz" Rothchild

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