Jatta Kydett

Handsome, plucky, fashionable and linguistically talented former steward of the Red Queen


A new addition to the Red Queen crew in 1118:022. Jatta is a confessed xenophile who takes pride in his work and Certified Steward’s Association membership. He was a bit obsessive about the “Ship’s Newsletter” which he published almost religiously and the uniforms he designed for the crew. A native of the planet Eshadi, he chose to leave his “repressive” homeworld for adventure among the stars.

Recently Jatta accepted the proposal for marriage from the Gashiini Ambassador, Gharune Mortok, of the independent world of Acis (1619). The two had been in close contact since their romantic encounter in route to the Bendor system. Jatta expressed his concern for the wellfare of the crew if he left, but was reassured that his happiness is more important than the Crew’s convenience. He was last seen departing the Peridot system on board his fiancée ship under the protection of Diplomatic Special Security agent Rhandal Savage.


Jatta Kydett

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