Captain Lindy Yates

Captain of the _Profitable Venture_ the flagship of the Clontarf Traders


Lindy Yates is the captain of the Profitable Venture the new flagship of the Clontarf Traders. Yates has been steadfast in assisting Miranda Clontarf after the appaerant death of her uncle CEO Rogan Clontarf. Captain Yates is known for his loud, booming voice, roaring laughter and fatherly disposition. Though the full details of how he came into Rogan Clontarf’s employ has not been revealed, Captain Yates often refers to meeting Rogan “during the war”. He hails from the world of Dedeged (2609) in the territories of the Marrakesh Trade Association in the Beyond sector. A fearless freighter captain and skillful tradesman only his love for food surpasses his love for the merchant life. A generous and gracious host where every encountered. The Profitable Venture is a customized Tycho Brahe class Far Trader, able to transport up to 24 passengers and over 250 standard tons of cargo.


Captain Lindy Yates

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