Doss Ryre

Doss is a natural born spacer, the stars are in his blood.


A phenomenal pilot, with few if any equals, and deadly with a laser pistol. Rather young, as ship’s captains go, at age 30, with an “on the edge-crazy attitude,” and a reputation as a “Hellraiser,” one can only wonder what Rogan Clontarf was thinking placing him in command of the deep-trader Red Queen.

Doss was born shortly before Iridium Rush of 1091, in the Belt-9 system. His family clan was a part of the Rhydian Camp. He grew up in the midst of numerous clashes arising over prospecting rights and the territory disputes of the time. Even at a young age, he was expected to do his part in defense of his camp.

Most of the clashes remained small enough to be settled by camp elders, or ritualized duels, according to local customs of justice. But in Doss’ early teens everything changed. The interstellar mining corporations Hibernia Prospects, LIC and Quine Corporation became involved. Conflicts between camps increased in size, intensity and technological sophistication, becoming what would be known locally as the Catcher Camps Claims War or 3C War. Doss gained quite a reputation as both a pilot and a raider. Taking daring risks, and living on the edge, has served as his choice tools for outwitting his enemies. Many of whom remember him to this day. His camp had sided with Hibernia Prospect…


Doss Ryre

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