Artur Hyrothal

Artur is a man about his business, and his business is starship engineering.


Artur 04A Master level Ship’s Engineer and Certified Jump Space Navigator, Artur wears two hats on board the Red Queen, that of Chief Engineer and Co-Pilot. A towering mountain of a man, he cuts an impressive figure strutting down the corridors of “his” ship wearing nothing but a form-fitting space biosuit and a tool belt, relaxation balls clacking away in his hand.

Like a small moon caught in the gravity well of a gas giant, he is usually accompanied by his “nephew” Tam. Tam is the son of the only woman Artur ever loved and has been in his charge since her death.
Artur never speaks of Tam’s mother, and any inquiries will be met with a cold stare, a stare as cold and deadly as deep space. She was a crewmate, and her name was Adrianna Kebram.

Artur never knew his mother. His father was a bitter, abusive, and often absent parent. Much of his youth was spent in the underbelly of Qualish City, running with asteroid rat youth gangs, and generally living on the streets. His willingness to work long, grueling hours got him his first job working for Dzerba Dynamics at the age of 15. It was while working at the DD shipyards that Artur discovered a love for all things technical. This natural aptitude secured him his first berth with a belter vessel, prospecting for heavy metals, at the age of 18. Over the next several years, he served on a succession of other belter ships, leaving each in turn, either to seek greater challenges, or as a consequence of his temper. In 1106 Artur was given his first opportunity to leave the confines of the Macene system, as a junior engineer on the bulk cargo freighter ISS Profitable Happenstance, on which he serves for nine years. At the completion of his contract in 1115, Artur was recruited by Gudrun Mirick, a headhunter for Clontarf Traders, to be the Chief Engineer on the far trader ISS Lucky Deal. He has been shipmates with Doss Ryre since 1115, and Lyta Alexander since early 1117.

Artur new body
As a result of being badly wounded in a firefight, and the ensuing first aid delivered via experimental nano-technology going horribly wrong, Artur’s body is determined to be untenable. Artur is rendered unconscious in his worn but home-y body, and is revived in a freakishly handsome bioroid body.Artur new body2


Bioroid was part of a “care package” sent by Jatta’s parents to keep him safe. Jatta has refused to open the hibernation storage box and let Thor imprint on him. Since Jatta departure he has left the bioroid in the care of Miranda, she has yet to awake Thor either.

Artur Hyrothal

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