Spinward Reach

Packaged Suspicion

Season 1 : Episode 3

Glisten (2036), Glisten – Sorel (2137), Glisten – Glisten (2036), Glisten

Immediately upon exiting jump into the Sorel system, the crew scan for nearby vessels. Present, are the far trader Unsung Hero, refueling at the nearby gas giant, and the immense Oberlindes Lines passenger liner Golden Holiday. Paranoia runs high as the crew of the Red Queen heads in system for its rondezvous aboard the Golden Holiday.

Rogan, having accompanied the crew out of fear for his own life, somehow finds the time to hire professional steward Jadda Kydett in an effort to increase the profitability of his other trader, the Lucky Deal. However, Rogan assigns steward Kydett to the Red Queen for the time being, much to the ire of the troubled Captain Ryer.

The crew is met in the Golden Holiday’s cargo dock by a man named Sorin Knixx, on behalf of his employer Gori Katsu, to make arrangements for the cargo exchange. During the tension filled exchange, Artur subtly scans the incoming cargo of Sorel tribal costumes and verifies that the cargo is what it appears to be. More importantly, not a thermo-nuclear time bomb. During the course of the exchange Lyta telepathically scans Mr. Knixx’ surface thoughts, though he believes she is blissfully unaware of the true nature of the cargo, he suspects that Artur knows. Armed with the information that Lyta has gleaned, Doss agrees to join Mr. Knixx and his employer, Mr. Katsu, in the dock masters’ office for a brief meeting, upon completion of the exchange. Doss feigns ignorance about the cargo being anything other than wine and leaves, confident that he has convinced Mr. Katsu. However, Sorin Knixx may be another matter. Regardless, Rogan believes the immediate danger has passed and chooses to stay aboard the more luxurious Golden Holiday.

With the exchange complete, and Rogan gone, the Red Queen heads back to Glisten. While in jump space, the crew reflects on the moral implications of their actions, the crew decides to surreptitiously inform the Imperial Navy of the cargo now headed for the Bendor system. Back at Glisten, using their criminal contacts, they have a zeroed computer, loaded with various details, readied to deliver to Capt. Ulred of the INS Nigata, an Imperial Navy Carrier currently in system. The computer is to be delivered after the Red Queen enters jump. In addition, after a quick debate, the crew decides to take more direct action. The possibility of being party to a Sword World terrorist plot, even unintentionally, is something they are unwilling to take a chance on. Besides, Bendor is their next stop anyway.

Upon arrival back in the Glisten system, Lyta sets off to the Freight Docks and Speculative Cargo Exchange to fill the holds of the Red Queen. She arranges for a mixed cargo of 85 tons of scientific equipment and vacc suits. New Steward Kydett heads off to the starport concourse to find passengers for the next flight. He manages to book a Gashiini diplomatic mission, and six Imperial Marines in low berths. Ryre and Artur stay aboard, just in case.


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