Spinward Reach

Mommy, Where do Bioroids Come From?

Season 1 : Episode 8

Bendor (2336), Glisten

Apparently, they come from nut orchards…

After reviewing surface satellite images, traffic control records and speaking with local speculative trade brokers, the crew discovers the location ot the bioroid cargo. It is at the Stone Pine Orchards of the Katterson Province, a nut orchard.

Excerpt from Chief Engineers’ Log: After an excessive amount of debate, Ryre, Lyta and I, decide that we would not be able to outrun our involvement in the bioroid conspiracy, nor would we be able to sit in the high station and wait for the bioroids to come back up. Our best option was to play commando, slip down to the surface and steal the bioroids. We also determined that we would need a competent medic to deal with any bioroid stasis related issues that might come up. So Ryre promised a slightly inebriated Dr Miranda a trip to a rave down on the surface. I don’t know if she really bought it, but she agreed to come.

We piled into the gig, with the air raft, and disembarked from the Red Queen. With Ryre piloting and me operating the EW system on the gig, we slipped down to the surface. Where we landed 150km from our intended landing site. Apparently Ryre isn’t as good a navigator on planetary surfaces as he is in space. One too few dimensions, I guess. But, he managed to get us to the correct site on the second try.

We landed about 5km from the farm. Drove the air raft most of the way through the woods and walked the last 100m, or so. From the edge of the woods, the nearest structure was a agromech shed. Behind it to the right were a couple silos and a landing pad. And, behind it on the far side of the farm were living quarters. There were also two robot sentries that we could see. One to the far right and one walking around the left end of the robo-shed.

We waited until the left hand sentry was around the end of the building, then we all ran for a door on the near side of the shed, which was locked. Fortunately, among Lytas unsavory skills, she’s a talented lock picker. She got us in just as the sentry was coming around the again. Inside, there were a bunch of remote-piloted nut picking agromechs and some other vehicles.

Lyta sensed two persons in the back of the shed, to our right. So, Ryre and I snuck back until we could see them. One was an off-worlder, and armed, the other was a local. Ryre opted for a bluff, and called out to the two men, identifying himself as Imperial law enforcement. We both approached them. They didn’t buy it. The off-worlder went for his gun and the local dove out of site. This being my moment, I stepped out and drew on the guy, but my pistol caught on the holster. Before either of us were able to draw a bead on the other, Ryre drew and hosed the guy with laser fire. The off-worlder dropped, sans head. By this point I was high on adrenaline and frustrated so I march into the office ready to empty both guns into the local, only to find him cowering in the corner.

With my gun in his face, I began asking the local questions, while Lyta scanned him for the truth. Little bastard was a sneaky liar. We were able to determine that the off-worlder controlled the sentry bots using his data pad and a key disguised as a lighter. That the off-worlder had been checking in with someone every 20 minutes, or so.
Being new to this sort of activity, and more than a little on edge, we decide that we should get the bioroids loaded and back to the gig as quickly as possible. We decided that we would simultaneously load crated bioroid and wake others, meeting in the middle. Specifically, I loaded crates onto one of the farms flatbed grav-trucks, using the farms exo-ekeleton, while Clontarfs’ niece, Dr. Miranda, was waking the bioroids from stasis. Meanwhile, Ryre was getting the grav-truck ready and Lyta was in the back office hacking the computer system for the harvesting complex.

I ordered the security bots to continue patrolling and report any activity to me. In addition, I was sending false check-in signals to whoever the guy Ryre splattered had been reported to. These things are sweet! But in the end, I would rather the bots take a bullet than one of the crew. I was neither here nor there on the bioroids, though…


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