Spinward Reach

Making a Fresh Start

Season 1: Episode 1

Glisten (2036), Glisten

The crew gets their first look at the Red Queen and their reaction is not the resounding cheers Rogan expected. But the chance to own your tramp freighter outweighs the crew’s initial reservations. Rogan in hush tones gives them their first assignment. Shipping a meager fifteen tons of cargo consisting of gel explosives used in asteroid mining masquerading as crappy wine to the nearby system of Sorel to exchange for lucrative clothing that is all the rage among local nobles. The exchange is to take place on board the interstellar line Golden Holiday. Rogan states the reason for the deception is to avoid the exceedingly high hazardous material transport tariffs imposed by the neighboring system. Since this trip will function as the ship’s shake-down cruise, Lyta chooses not to book any passengers. Doss is in complete agreement, but mostly because of his concerns about the volatile nature of the cargo. In an effort to everyone’s mind at ease and ensure the safety of the ship Artur does a meticulous scan of the cargo. When he discovers what the cargo truly is the idea of transporting disguised explosive gel seems far more appealing. Each of the crates contains two humans of Darrian decent in a form of cryonic suspension. Avoiding tariffs is one thing; slave trade is while another matter.

Artur’s Log

  • Met with our new employer Rogan Clontarf. The crew consists of pilot and Captain Doss Ryre, the Face Lyta Alexander, and, me, engineer/cargo master Artur Hyrothal and his nephew, 10-year old Tam Kabram. We were introduced to our new ship, a 300-ton ASP-class deep trader we have named the Red Queen.
    First assignment is to transport a cargo of wine from Glisten to Sorel and exchange it for a cargo of clothing. The wine is the last of a very popular vintage. The clothing is native to Sorel, and currently in high fashion among the upper classes of the Empire. We have been given the other ships call number, and are to rendezvous at the orbital platform at Sorel. When the exchange is complete, we are to return to Glisten and off-load the clothing.
  • Further questioning of Rogan revealed that the cargo is actually a gel explosive. This has served to inspire a certain amount of paranoia in the crew. I scanned one of the crates, and, after working my way past shielding and spoofing technology, determined that each crate contained what appeared to be a male/female set of adolescent humanoids, in a state of semi-hibernation.
  • Now, faced with the possibility of participating in sentient trafficking, we have decided to investigate.


We have noted an increase in Navy activity in Glisten system.

Making a Fresh Start
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