Spinward Reach

It Tastes Like Purple Hair

Season 1 : Episode 11

Squanine (2536), Trin’s Viel

The crew have their first mid-jump Captain’s Dinner. And thus, a new tradition is created. Not least of which, because the food at the Captains’ table is much tastier than the normal crew fare. Captain Ryre and and Mr. Katsu discuss what needs to be done when they reach Squanine. Mr. Katsu will make some calls, call in some favors, get himself and the crew in to watch a game of Little Sacrifices, make contact with the Iron Duchess, and arrange for her to take custody of the bioroids. Ideally, the Iron Duchesses favor will get Mr. Katsu out of the professional hole that the fiasco in Bendor system left him in, and the bioroids will no longer be the Red Queens’ problem. Sounds easy enough.

The crew of Red Queen exit jump space in the in the Squanine system, but end having to wait in a holding pattern for two days. While awaiting landing clearance, they observe the trader Dawn Treader skip ahead of them through the holding pattern. Capt Ryre noting this with great annoyance. Feeling a little stir crazy, Ryre agrees to fly Mr. Katsu down to the planet in the ship’s gig. He does, and drops him off at a hotel in the Xanadu Startown district.
Two days later, the crew disembarks the Red Queen for some much needed rest and relaxation. The crews first stop in the Xanadu district is a spacer-friendly bar and restaurant specializing in large portions at reasonable prices. As the crew chows down on Angus-like Beef Product-R, and woolly lobster tails Capt. Ryre spots an attractive women all alone at the bar. Never one to ignore an attractive women in the distressful position of having to drink alone, he hitches up his gun belt and heads off to the rescue. Several minutes later, he brings her back to the table and introduces her as Jessy Vash. Jessy has recently arrived at Squanine, aboard the Dawn Treader.

As dinner comes to an end, Miranda, Jessy, Jadda and Ryre decide to head off in search of more excitement. While Lyta, Artur and Tam finish dessert prior to heading back to the Red Queen, another woman approaches the table from the bar. Attractive, and heavily armed, she produces an image of Ms. Vash and immediately starts asking of her whereabouts. Finding the woman rude, annoying, and impressively threatening, Artur offers the information for a price. After an initial offer of 40cr, Artur wastes time by haggling her down to 20cr. He then offers to take her to see the Captain and Ms. Vash. By this point, Lyta has begun actively monitoring the womans’ thoughts. She is indeed looking for Jessy. As her kit would suggest, she means her harm. And, most disturbing of all, she believes Jessy to be a dangerous Sworld World agent, suggesting that she and her Captain are Imperial Agents. She confirms this, by openly stating her intentions and warning that if Jessy feels threatened, she might attempt to inject her “package” into one her current companions. She declines to elaborate on the nature of the “package,” but states that its removal will most likely result in the death of patient. After paying their bill, and a quick call to Ryre, the remaining crew escort the heavily armed woman, who has identified herself as the Dawn Treaders purser Francis, to the local shooting range.

Meanwhile, the partiers, having been warned of Francis’ coming by Arturs’ call, leave the shooting range and head to the free-fall dance club. With a little skill, a little bribery and some fast talking by Miranda, Ryre gets past the dance floor weapons check with both his holdout laser and his cutlas. On the dance floor, Mirandas’ lack of zero-G experience is more than offset be her enthusiasm. By contrast, Jessy displays amazing skill as she disappears up into the crowd. She returns shortly, bearing <cocktail name="true">s for everyone. By this time, Lyta, in a display of amazing mental agility, has scanned Jesse, determined that she has drugged the cocktails in an attempt to ditch her current companions, and warned Ryre of both women’s’ intentions. Ryre prevents his crew-mates from drinking the cocktails, warns Jessy about Francis, and offers Jessy protection from their pursuers.

Back at the shooting range, Francis is getting annoyed. Francis is drops less than subtle threats aimed at the crew, including young Tam. It is at this point, that Artur’s parental instincts are aroused and he decides that he will probably have to kill her. Meanwhile, Lyta continues her mental acrobatics. Until, she “overhears” a telepathic warning, to Francis, that warns of another telepath scanning her. Instantly on her guard, Francis starts visually scanning the nearby crowd. She spots two persons, one in a large red hat whom Artur mistakenly declares to be the person who tracked them while on the Glisten high-station. Without pause, Francis draws both lasers and fires, around Lyta, on the two men. Both fall, one dead, one wounded. Artur decides that f the time comes, he will have to shoot her in the back. Francis and Artur approach the two men. While Francis applies a little improvised torture and questions the survivor, Artur searches the dead man for clues to his identity. As it turns out the two men are professional body snatchers. They had mistakenly interpreted the group to be an important personage, Lyta, with her son, Tam, and two bodyguards, Francis and Artur. Lyta confirms this telepathically. Artur recovers a med scanner, DNA sampler and palm injector from the dead man, before the local law enforcement show up. The four make a hasty withdrawal, confident that the officers are more concerned with avoiding a spectacle than making arrests. As they head off to the free-fall dance club, Artur contemplates the best course of action, fast-draw on Francis from behind and issue a stern warning; fast-draw on Francis from behind and kill her; or, wait to get on board her ship, fast-draw on Francis from behind, and kill her and her crew. Uncle-hood can be so complicated.

By the time the two groups meet up at the free-fall dance club, Jesse has left. Francis, too, leaves in pursuit of Jesse. Free of the troubling ladies, the reunited crew decide to finish the night off at another dance club. Miranda, Jadda and Ryre dance the night away. Miranda and Jadda sans the nose filters necessary to avoid the effects of the mild hallucinogen pumped into the dance club. Artur, having been presented with a rare opportunity, in the form a drunk female patron hitting on him, passes Tam to Lyta and disappears into the evening. The night ends with Jadda trying to taste, what he believes to be, Lytas’ purple-flavored hair.


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