Spinward Reach

Farewell to Bendor

Season 1: Episode 10

Bendor (2336), Glisten

  • The crew safely returns back to the Bendor Highport.
  • They decide to take Gori Katsu offer to charter the Red Queen for immediate departure for the pleasure planet of Squanine. Gori offers to get them clearance by using a hacking/ communication forgery technique, but he’ll need unrestricted access to the commutation systems. Its’ only a matter of minutes before Gori sets up a false clearance report from “Lt. Weeks” to free the Red Queen from lock-down, much to the frustration of Starport Authority officer Arles Vane.
  • Gori Katsu is going to set up a meeting with the Iron Duchess for the crew to get the bioroids off their hands without any Imperial entanglements. He is fairly certain that the Duchess will look after the bioroids rather than exploit them.
  • More important to him is getting to Squanine in time for the Small Sacrifices tournament, bceause Miranda saves his life and the crew harbored him after his recent betrayal he offers to take to the extremely exclusive event. After hearing a description of the game Miranda is not so certain she wants to attend.
  • Lyta’s amenable to giving the bioroids over to the Duchess if she can be convince that they will be treated as individuals and not slaves, servants, or animals/machines. Though she do not ask plan to for payment much to the chagrin of her shipmates, but perhaps the Duchess will assisting the Red Queen with the transportation and docking fees.
  • Artur and Lyta plan to do some research Iron Duchess, Nixx, and some of the history behind Jatta’s family House Kydett, before they commit to a plan.
  • As the Red Queen departs the Bendor system Lyta receives a message from Lt Weeks who just arrived. Ha apologizes for missing her and tell her all about his first out of system assignment when he sees her again.

End of Session.


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