Spinward Reach

Doss takes Queen

Season 1 : Episode 2

Glisten (2036), Glisten

When it comes to light that the cargo is not even explosive gel, but something far more disturbing the crew begins searching for answers. There is usually only one reason for disguising human cargo for something else, slave trade. The interstellar trade of slaves is one of greatest violations of the High Law of the Imperium and the crew of the Red Queen was up to their necks in it. They needed answers and quick. In the course of their investigation the crew crosses paths the Ignovia Youngblood the infamous “White Queen” of the Rose Garden district known for its criminal element in the Glisten system. In a wild scheme to meet the primary cargo broker black-market freight, Doss decides to jump uninvited onto her private gravitic-platform floating above the Exchange Concourse of the Rose Garden. Normally such intrusions are met with a swift death, but the White Queen spares the daring Captain Ryre and asks him to join her for a private dinner later that evening. Dinner with the Queen is nothing short of frightening as Doss ascertain that she has her own fears about the cargo he’s carrying on his ship, not to mention her sudden crazed obsession with him. The crew quickly relies how dangerous the situation truly is after hearing of Doss’ misadventures and decide to confront Rogan about the job. Rogan is rather upset once he is informed of the true nature of the cargo; he becomes truly terrified when Doss told him he had dinner with Ignovia Youngblood. After all it was members of Youngblood’s organization who approached Rogan about smuggling the explosive gel. The crew of the Red Queen decides to carry out the deal as if they’re unaware of the cargo of humans. Should nameless unscrupulous parties involved in the deal become aware that the crew knows what their carrying it things could become deadly. As the Red Queen heads out to her jump point in order to leave the Glisten system she intercepted by the Imperial Navy light patrol ship the INS Wolfhound for customs inspection. Once the inspection party comes onboard it quickly becomes apparent that it is social call. Arranged by Lieutenant Beknel Weeks a naval officer who became infatuated with Lyta after what she considered a less than noteworthy date. After a haphazard inspection and a promise of a second date the Red Queen is off to Sorel system rendezvous.

Artur’s Log

  • We made an appointment to meet with Rogan later, in a secure location.
    In the interim, we have decided that the Rose Garden Market is a good place to start our investigation. The Market is located in a hollowed out asteroid in Glisten system. After passing through the “locker room,” the cavern that contains the Market is roughly oval in shape, with tiers rising up the sides toward the cavern roof. Grav-platforms of various sizes float in the space above the Market.
  • I went with Tam to get information from a merchant who sells crio-tech. Other than finding out that the stasis-crates our cargo is in are fairly common, and considered an acceptable step below low berths for passenger transport, it was a waste of time.
  • In the meantime, Ryre and Lyta determined that all transactions within and without the Rose Garden were overseen by Ignovena Youngblood (She looks like Anne Hathaway as the White Queen). They located her floating platform, the only one with red running lights, the others being either blue or green.
  • We rejoined the others just as Ryre decided that jumping to Ms Youngbloods’ platform from one of the terraces would provide a fitting introduction. Thinking that it was a very Doss Ryre Swashbuckler Extraordinaire thing to do, I heartily encouraged him. Lyta was not so encouraging, pointing out that Ms Youngblood might simply have him shot out of the air in transit. Fearing that Ryre might have second thoughts, I pointed out the positive impression that it would undoubtedly make. To back up my words, I bet Lyta 10 cr that Ryre would make it, which she accepted.
  • Moving back from the terrace edge, Ryre waited for the platform to drift near. When it did, he took a running start and leaped, landing neatly on the platform deck. Ms Youngblood did not have him shot. I collected my winnings from Lyta and ordered Tam never to do anything he saw Ryre do.
  • From the terrace, we watched Ms Youngblood repeatedly not kill Ryre. Apparently, she was quite taken with him. Ryre did not get much opportunity to feed her the line of BS he had prepared, as she just started volunteering information. In short, she was well aware of what our cargo really was, she knew were Ryres’ fathers’ ship was, and she invited Ryre to dinner that evening. He declined her dinner offer, siting our meeting with Rogan. In as much as I live vicariously through Ryre, and would have killed half the population of Glisten for the opportunity to do the Ignovena Youngblood, I was very disappointed. She had Ryre escorted from her platform, had two copy-cat entreators shot pre-leap, and we headed back to the Red Queen.
  • On the way back to the Red Queen, I noticed that we were being tailed. Apparently, by two station screws and a lady in a big hat. , Date, Scanning the cargo
  • Meeting with Rogan Clontarf at the ? on Glosberg Rock. Clontarf freaked and insisted on coming with us.
  • We left the station and headed out to our jump point. On the way, we were hailed by an Imperial patrol craft and ordered to heave to, to be inspected.

News Item: A small ship was seen in Tanif system. It is rumored to have possessed a Black Globe generator. The increased naval activity in Glisten system appears to be related.


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