Spinward Reach

Blood Trail

Season 1: Episode 6 & 7

Blood Trail, Parts 1 & 2
Bendor (2336), Glisten

Artur and Lyta, having isolated the hijackers, rush to the bridge. Artur “relieves” Tam shuts down the engines, pumps sleepy gas into the space the hijackers currently occupy and lowers the main cargo ramp. As Ryre and the Security Officer march up the ramp, Ryre asks Heith to plug into the ship query board, and get a status of the people onboard. He’s surprised when Heith locates fourteen people, not including them. Undaunted, Ryre proceeds into the Red Queen, but asks Heith to remain outside the ship and keep watch at the docking bay door, for fear that there maybe more hijackers.

In the medical bay, Miranda, assisted by Jatta, is closing up Gori Katsu. After placing Katsu in the care of the auto-nurse, she and Jatta head to the passenger lounge to attend to the recentely thawed Imperial Marines.

The Starport Authority (SA) soon arrive, led by Officer Arles Vane. An officious, status-contious little man, SA Officer Arles Vanes takes an immediate dislike for Captain Ryre. To express his dislike, he orders an extensive inspection of the Red Queen. Fearing what the scanner crews might find, Artur and Lyta attempt to maneuver the crews away from “sensitive” areas of the ship. They’re efforts are wasted, though, as Artur finds the crews taking an extended smoke break beneath the Red Queen. Artur is more than happy to look the other way, and joins them. The scanner crews, having found nothing, Officer Vane orders the ship grounded, citing various starport berthing violations. The ship will be unable to leave for one week. They take the hijackers into custody and leave.

While the scanner crews are going about their business, Lyta scans Gori Katsu. She discovers that he is certain who betrayed him, Sorin Knixx. But, he’s no longer certain that the man he was working with, was the real Sorin Knixx. The man he knew as Knixx, went off the radar a couple of years ago. He then returned with, what Gori thought, was a great deal. Katsu also believes the crew to be “little fish” swimming with “sharks” and are in way over their heads.

The crew is left with many questions: Should they hide Gori Katsu? Will more assassins follow? Where are the Bioroids? Will the Imperial Navy arrive to investigate?


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