Spinward Reach

Blood Harvest

Season 1: Episode 9

Bendor (2336), Glisten

Excerpt from Artur’s log

…With only a few crates left to load, the bots reported a small vehicle with four persons exiting the compound, and a grav-carrier with ten persons approaching the shed from the direction of the landing pad. I ordered the bots to continue patrolling, track both vehicles and report any changes. The carrier dropped off four armed persons between the landing pad and the shed, and began to swing to one side of the shed. I few seconds later, the big clamshell doors in the front of the shed opened remotely. At this point, I ordered the nearest bot to fire on the four merc’s on foot, and the other three to converge on the carrier. The bot engaging the merc’s on foot reported several explosions, before going offline. The carrier continued around the side of the shed, slewing into another of the bots, and scattering it across the compound. It then pulled up in front of the open bay doors.

At this point, Ryre, piloting the grav-truck, came roaring out of the shed, hopped it up in the air and landed on the front of the carrier, driving its nose into the dirt. After dropping a crate into the empty space that used to be the bed of the truck, I dismounted from the exo-skeleton. Very smoothly I might add, very Ryre-like. As Ryre ground his way over the carrier, scattering bioroids behind him, and headed off towards the woods, a merc with some sort of heavy weapon piled out of the carrier. He took aim, fired, and barely missed the truck as Ryre swung it back toward the shed. I fast-drew one of my hand-cannons and snapped off three shots. Two shots hit, one blew his brains all over the grass, the other hit him in the leg and flipped him over onto his back. Being my first intentional kill, I would have thought it would have affected me more. But, my blood was up and the action was thick, and two other mercs hopped out of the carrier. One land on my side of the carrier, pulled two pistols and opened up on me. He hit me twice with gyroc shells, but neither penetrated my trench. Blubber is good padding. We proceeded to trade shots for a few seconds. He blew the crap out of whatever equipment was behind me, and I staggered him with a shot shell, then put a slug through his leg. Tough bastard wouldn’t quit, though. So, low on slugs, and no confidence in shot, I started firing off single slugs and put one through his chest. He went down and didn’t get up. I’d have kicked him, if I hadn’t been so far away.

In the mean time, one of the bots engaged the merc who rolled out of the other side of the carrier. It shot the crap out of him, but couldn’t penetrate the merc’s armor. Eventually, the bruised merc blew its’ head off and pushed it over, but not before my headless toy blew one of the bioroids heads off with a blind shot. A female, too bad. The last bot showed up around then and, under orders to aim for the face, took out the merc. Ryre was also busy, firing from the cab of the truck as he swung it around and pulled up next to the shed. He hosed the inside of the carrier with that hellacious laser pistol of his and then opened up on something out behind the shed. Only one more merc made it out of the carrier, and he took off into the woods. I was in no mood to pursue him. I reloaded, put a round into the drivers head, one into the bastard with the gyroc, and collected up the big-ass gun the first merc had.

In the aftermath of the gunfight, I had my one remaining bot pick up the headless one and load into the grav-truck. Dr. M hopped off the truck and started checking out the bioroids. For a spoiled rich girl, she’s got some spunk. Two of the bioroids were DOA, one from my bots wild shot, one from falling out of the truck. A couple others were injured. Lyta returned from the remote pilot control cockpit and tunnel to the residential quarters, which she had found, finally, giving me the evil eye for some reason. She also did some brain-voodoo on the couple survivors. I think she wiped their memories. I hopped back into the exo’ and loaded the last couple crates onto the truck. Then we took off for the gig. I drove the grav-sled back.

It was pretty anticlimactic after that. Ryre slipped us into a high station bound convoy, and we docked with the Red Queen without a hitch. The station was crawling with Imperial Navy, though, and the Golden Holiday was under quarantine. Clearly the Navy knew something, and the quarantine was bullshit. But, we had our own issues to deal with. Katsu was all hot to see us, so we left the bioroids and bots in the gig, and I went to change out of my play clothes and wash the planet off me. That dick with the gyrocs scorched the front of my favorite coat.

End of Session (+9 pts Session Pts total for current Story Arch).
End of Story Arch (+10 pts XP Pt).


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